Step into the real nature at southern of Cardamom Mountain as the largest mountain range in Cambodia. This 3-day adventure is the best way to explore the highlight of Cardamom mountain and encounter experience with a true nature. We hike into the forest of Kirirom National Park where you’ll explore the green forest, waterfalls and refreshing with packed lunch in the jungle with overnight stay at luxury tent where surrounded by pine forest and best weather at night. As we cycle through the national park we enjoy stunning mountain views, the cool pine forest and the mountain cliff to explore panorama of cardamom mountain from east to the south. A boat trip on the great waterway of Ta Tai River where you’ll refreshing in the peaceful river, richest natural setting with overnight stay at Ta Tai Bungalow. A final hiking tour in to the forest of Ta Tai as the southern of Cardamom mountain where it started from Kirirom National Park until the Thailand border.

The Krâvanh Mountains, literally the “Cardamom Mountains”, is a mountain range in the south west of Cambodia and Eastern Thailand. There are a few tall peaks through these mountain range. The Oral mountain is the highest peak in a country with a max elevation 1813 meters. The Cardamom Mountains is the richest natural setting with the wild animals, birds, fishes and crocodile as long as the minority group of people. A multisport holiday, offering the chance to experience the very best of Cambodia nature.

Tour Highlights:
Hike and cycle through Kirirom National Park where you’ll encounter experience with bamboo forest, waterfalls, birds, pine forest and the mountain cliff to get the stunning mountain views of Cardamom Mountain.
Relaxing, refreshing and overnight staying in the luxury tent of beautiful resort at the top of Kirirom National Park.
Hiking through the forest at the southern of Cardamom Mountain and have a bout trip through peaceful Ta Tai River.

Tour at a glance:
Duration: 3 days/ 2 nights tour package
Accommodation: 1 night at luxury tent in Vkirirom Resort and 1-night bungalow at Ta Tai River
Meal Plan: 2 breakfast, 3 lunches and 2 dinners. Vegetarian foods are available
Depart at 7am from Phnom Penh capital city
Total hiking distance: 25 km (16 miles), cycling distance: 24 km (15 miles)
Max altitude 675 meter (2,215ft)
Minimum age: 9 years old
Group size: 2Pax to 12Pax
Photographic Opportunity: Good
Tour start in Phnom Penh and ends in Sihanouk Ville Airport, Thailand border or Phnom Penh, according to your needs
Single supplement: US $125
A single supplement is available on this trip please contact our local specialist to book this single supplement.
Private tour is available on this trip,
Tour Price (per person): US $465
Children under 12 years old : US $198
Private Tour Fee (min 2 pax) plus 25% of the total tour fee

What to bring Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, day backpack, flip flop, toilet kits, jacket, sunglasses and sunscreen.
Round trip private vehicle support English speaking guide and local guides
2 nights accommodation Meals
Personal expense and tips
Travel insurance

Is this for you?

This multi-sport trip is very best for those who want to experience with a true nature of Cardamom Mountain as the largest and longest mountain range in Cambodia. The main activities include 2 days hiking in to the forest of Kirirom National Park and the jungle at southern of Cardamom Mountain, half day cycling through national park to reach the cliff where the stunning Cardamom Mountain View with overnight in luxury camping tent and boat trip through Ta Tai River. The activities will be moderate to challenging and vehicle support is available for most of the route.

Accommodation: There are two nights accommodation is included in this journey. First night, we will stay in the luxury tent of Vkirirom resort at the top of Kirirom National Park. It shares in double or twin room with many types of accommodation facilities as well as the swimming pool. Last night we will stay in the bungalow in the river front of Ta Tai River where you’ll refreshing in the peaceful natural setting.

Meals: There are included 8 meals for this 3-day journey where you’ll experience many types of Cambodia foods such as fish Amok, stir fried chicken with lemon grass, beef lok lak, stir fried eggplant, and some seafoods. The vegetarian foods are available, please contact us in advance to serve that kind of foods for you in this holiday. We also provide some tropical fruit for your tasting and refreshing.

Please note that, Cambodia is dominated by monsoons, which are known as tropical wet and dry because of the distinctly marked seasonal differences. The rainy season, which runs from May to October, can see temperatures drop to 22 °C (71.6 °F) and is generally accompanied with high humidity. The dry season lasts from November to April when temperatures can rise up to 40 °C (104 °F) around April. Therefore, we recommended you pack suitable clothing, sun protection, sun glasses, and that you always have lots of water with you.

Day 1

Hiking to the jungle of Kirirom National Park and Overnight stay in the natural resort of VKirirom

From 7am, we will pick you up at the hotel and drive to the Chambok Community Based Ecotourism where we need to take around 2 hours to 3 hours as depending on the traffic conditions. Since we wake up early, we can nap in a car. On the arrival, we’ll have a warm welcome from our local guide and community leaders as well as the ladies’ group of the Women Restaurant and have a morning tea before we start the hike. These journey follows the Chambok community which is a rural tourism project that benefits local farmers. We will explore bamboo forest, rain forest and relaxing packed lunch on the fourth waterfall where you’ll experiences a different side of them. Then, we climb up to the hilltop with stunning views across to the Cardamom Mountains and pause along the way to walk down a ranger road. We will be walking in peaceful park and beautiful nature which covered by pine trees and nice temperature. After we finished the hike, we get on our vehicle and drive to VKirirom Resort for our overnight stay at the luxury tent, relaxing and refreshing in the natural views as much as enjoy with the swimming pool at the top of Kirirom National Park.
  • Hiking distance: 15 km (9 miles)
  • Meals: Packed lunch and dinner
  • Accommodation: Luxury tent or Khmer Cottage at VKirirom Resort
Day 2

Cycle through the national park and Sunset boat trip at Ta Tai River

After we had a breakfast at 7am, warm up and saddle up our bikes for up and a downhill ride through the national park where you’ll experience a nice breezy and beautiful foggy morning. Continuedly, we cycle to reach the mountain cliff to take a stunning mountain view of Cardamom Mountain, before we get back to our vehicle and drive to Ta Tai at southern of Cardamom Mountain. On this landing journey, we will some spot to stop for lunch at the Picnic Resort. On the arrival of Ta Tai Bungalow, you have a short time to relax and refresh in this peaceful place where it close to the Ta Tai River. After relax and sightseeing of Ta Tai village, we have a boat trip though the peaceful river to the Koh Andet Island and enjoy our boat tour at twilight through this river. Then, we will have a special dinner were serve by Khmer people who will prepare some seafoods for us such as stir-fried crab with green pepper, Tom Yam seafoods and Koh Kong Fresh Shims with chili source as long as you can enjoy your drink and night time with or without your guide.
  • Cycling distance: 24 km (15 miles)
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Accommodation: Ta Tai Bungalow
Day 3

Hiking to the forest in southern of Cardamom Mountains and back to Phnom Penh

After breakfast, we meet our local guide who will lead us to the jungle at southern of cardamom mountain. We will hike around 9 km through the forest and see the waterfalls. Relax and refreshing in deep of the forest and enjoy our packed lunch at the waterfall vicinity are the great way before we back to our car and driving back to Phnom Penh capital city. We expect to arrive the Phnom Penh around 7pm or later upon the traffic condition. On arrival, you’re free to leave and carry on your travels.
  • Hiking distance: 9 km (6 miles)
  • Meals: Breakfast and lunch
  • Supported vehicle

There is one night stay in the luxury tent or Khmer cottage and one night stay in bungalow: 

We offer variable accommodation during the trip where you will experience to stay in richest natural setting with stunning view of Kirirom National Park and peaceful place in the southern of Cardamom Mountains.

VKirirom Pine Resort,

located on top of kirirom mountain national park provides you once in a life time experiences. A lot of activities in the fresh air like Jungle trekking, horse riding, fruit picking, team building for corporation as well with new creative delicious cuisine contains organic vegetable from own farm. Click here to learn more about this natural resort.

Cafe Koh Andet Bungalow

set the Ta Tai riverfront views  with the peaceful bungalow to stay. We also offer some outdoor activities for you experience more about Cardamom Mountains as well as you can try kayaking or catching fish at night with local fisherman. Please Click Hereto learn more about this accommodation.

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